Active Events

We are happy that you are considering signing up for events with Dowie's Place!
Here you will find current and active tours and current scheduled events. Terms of each event will be outlined beneath each, along with the most current information available. 

As an event host, you will be entitled to giveaways for hosts only and free books for review. By submitting your information on any of these forms, you agree to the following- you agree to post on your scheduled day and time, you agree not to share ANY works provided to you for review, you agree not to reveal any proprietary cover art before your scheduled date, you agree to place honest reviews on all posts in which you review a book for an author, and you agree that if you read a book for review and find the rating to be lower than a 3... that you will not post the review with your promo, but you will let me know this and you will post your review directly to purchase pages such as Amazon or Goodreads. I do not ask or condone you to suppressing your honest review, only that it not be on the tour post directly. Violation of these terms will be cause to have you removed from the ability to post on behalf of Dowie's Place. 

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