Review Policy

*The following review policy is for a singular review to be posted on Dowie’s Place pages. If you re interested in a tour of any kind please see Dowie’s Events Page for details.

Review Policy
My name is Doris, aka Dowie. Reviews posted by me are based only on my own thoughts and feelings about any book that I read. I always offer honest, tasteful reviews. If am unable to finish a book, I will not publish a review for that book. If I am unable to write a review or unable to finish the book, I will notify the author and/or publisher directly.

In every review I post you will find:

*Cover art
*A star rating
*Author and Publication details (if provided to me)
*Synopsis (usually from Goodreads sometimes from Amazon or if provided to me)
*Link to Goodreads to add book.
*Link to Amazon to purchase the book. 
*My personal thoughts about the book 
*I post every review on Amazon and Goodreads 
*I also pimp my reviews on social media when applicable

My Favorite Book Genres:

Young Adult
Creatures that typically go bump in the night
Paranormal Romance
Science Fiction
Contemporary Romance 
Steam Punk

I do not review:

Non Fiction

When submitting your book to be reviewed:

Please include the following-
Review Request: (Title of your book)
Please include the synopsis of your book, the cover art, and all links to your website and/or social media pages.
I am happy to host giveaways (paperbacks, ebooks, swag, etc.), author interviews, guest posts, and other such features for authors and publishers. 

Formats accepted- .mobi (Kindle) .pdf, ARCs, and hard/physical copies.

* Please note: Acceptance of your book for review does not guarantee that the novel will be read/finished/or that a review will be posted.
You may send your book review request to

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