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If  you are a blogger or reviewer interested in being a tour host/reviewer please click HERE.

My goal is to help promote author pages, as well as their work in the most honest and best way that I can.

Every event package that you purchase from Dowie's Place Blog and Events will need to include the following provided by you, the author:

cover art and blurbs

any and all author links
book purchase links
teaser graphics
other materials as provided by you, the author

If you wish to add a giveaway to your package, Dowie can add this on your behalf via Rafflecopter, and you the author are responsible for prizes and fulfillment of winnings. Dowie will verify all winners on your behalf.

Giveaways are not required for any package, but you can always add one to help boost your coverage and likes.

Each package will include a banner and graphic art set tailored for your book/event.

An HTML file as well as a media doc file will be provided to all tour participants.

Available Service Packages
Dowie offers author Personal Assistant, or PA services, and these services can be tailored to suit your needs at any given time. Prices for PA services vary depending on the level of assistance provided. Please email or message Dowie via Facebook for price quotes.

PA services can include any or all of the following depending on your PA needs;

Street Team Management
Event Management
Calendar Management
Facebook Page and Group Management
Review/ARC Distribution with Follow up
Tour Set up and Management
Prize Disbursement
Media Kit Drafting
And More!

Available Event Packages
Cover Reveal

This is a one day posting set, there can be an unlimited amount of participation.
Your post will feature the brand new amazing cover you have created.
Release Day Book Blitz

This is a one day posting set, there can be an unlimited amount of participation.
Your post will be a one day post on the day your book is released to the public, get your freshly released book shown off in style!
Book Blast

  This is a 5 day event designed to focus the exposure of your work to the reading public and contains an unlimited number of participating blogs.
Review Only Tour

Review Tours may be harder to fill, and it is suggested that you consider using a Blog Tour. If you wish to only offer reviews then this is your best bet.

This is a 5 day event set to get a good quantity of reviews for your book. Dowie can NOT infer that these will all be positive or 5 star reviews. All books will be reviewed honestly as the reader feels the work deserves in their own opinion. 
As this is to favorably promote your work, any reviewer that has a lower than 3 star rating for your book, will be asked to post their review directly to purchase pages such as Amazon and Goodreads and only promo your book on their stop for that day. 
Blog Tour

This is a 7 day event set to get you good exposure in as many ways for your work.

Tours can include any arrangement of the following:
Excerpt, Guest Post, Author Interview, Reviews, Character Interviews, Playlists, This or That, Promo etc.

While any combination of the above will be offered to all tour stops, Dowie can not guarantee the number of reviews that will be offered on a Blog Tour. This will be at the discretion of the host and will be set at their choice. 

Facebook Event

This is a one day event in which Dowie will schedule, host, plan, and execute an event on Facebook on your behalf. This can be for any reason i.e. Cover Reveal Event, Release Day Event, or any other reason in which you see fit to host an online event. 

Posts will be scheduled and tailored around your personal choices and can include promotions of your choosing, but not limited to author take overs, donations with games, promotion of your works, giveaways and the like. 

This is the option to select if you would like to have an event, and be free to just hang around and comment or mingle with your attendees.

A one day event will be $50, and anything beyond one day will be $75.
If you wish to set an event in motion please email me at or PM me on Facebook, this way we can discuss your options. All events are able to be adapted to suit your book needs. 
All reviews will be HONEST reviews. Dowie does not guarantee that reviews will be positive. 
Payments are listed in US dollars and payment must be sent via PayPal prior to the start of your tour.
While Dowie will promote your event, you will also need to share and promote to your own reader base in order to ensure a mixture of new and current readers. 
None of the events have a guaranteed number of participants. Dowie can not guarantee any specific outcome, however all efforts will be extended to ensure that there is an ample amount of participation. 

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