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Saving Thomas by Cameo Renae - Review

Title: Saving Thomas
Author: Cameo Renae
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance 
Cover Designer: Stefanie Saw
Publication Date: November 30th, 2018 
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When Thomas is sent on an assignment and goes missing, his friends start to worry. Then, things take a terrifying turn when a package arrives on Alaine’s front porch. Inside, is a piece of a severed, bloody wing, along with a note. The Fallen want Eden—a newly transformed Nephilim with a powerful gift—in exchange for Thomas. They have three days to hand her over or next time, they’ll receive something much worse.
Now, it’s a race against time to find out where they are keeping Thomas, and figure out a way to keep Eden safe.
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Saving Thomas is different from all the other books of the series!
I truly loved getting tomonowndifferent characters this go round, and seeing more about Thomas!
Thomas and Dom get tricked into neignncausght and they have to go the defensive. I loved getting into the story!
I wasn’t able to put the book down! Learning about past characters and new characters, abilities that defy normal thinking!
Still, the tornado in the beginning was my favorite scene!

USA Today Bestselling author, Cameo Renae, was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and now resides with her husband and children in Alaska.
She's a daydreamer, caffeine and peppermint addict, who loves to laugh, and loves to read to escape reality.
One of her greatest joys is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance and sharing it with others. It is the love of her family and amazing support of her fans that keeps her going.
One day she hopes to find her own magic wardrobe and ride away on her magical unicorn. Until then...she'll keep writing!
Happy Reading! Xoxo
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