Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hook's Little Mermaid by Suzanna Lynn

Official Release! Hear the story of Captain Hook from his own lips in this Audible version of "Hook's Little Mermaid."

“Hook wasn't always a villain. Discover what leads him on the path of destruction and how the love of a mermaid can change his heart.” ~ Hook's Little Mermaid

Captain James Hook was once a good man trying to make a somewhat honest living. He is a pirate, after all. However, after getting word that a boy named Peter Pan played a part in the death of a dear loved one, Hook makes it his sole purpose to hunt down and destroy the fiend.

On his journey for vengeance, the captain encounters many new comrades, including a young girl named Red and a fairy called Tinker Bell, and both push him to reconsider his desire for justice. 

The accidental rescue of a mermaid leads him on a whirlwind adventure in Neverland. The journey is not a simple one, considering Pan, the Lost Boys, mermaids, and magic all come into play. After several misadventures, Hook must choose between the possibility of a new life with love and his much-desired retaliation against Pan. 

Once everything is said and done, will the captain be able to overcome his need for revenge? Will he let compassion steer him toward love? Or will Captain Hook live up to his villainous reputation?

We have all read and heard the stories of Peter Pan. We have even seen some glimpses of Captain Hook's origin... However, I guarantee you, you have NEVER heard of a tale as intriguing as Hooks' Little Mermaid! I was literally drawn in from the very beginning! 
James Darcy has a way with telling this story that you can just see at all playing out in front of you! Listening to him read the female character dialog, he did such a good job! I didn't feel as though it was a guy trying to be a girl, nor did he sound like a girl... He was just so good as presenting it, everything just was! It flowed seamlessly!
Suzanna Lynn has retold a story that has been done countless times, and she has still managed to make this story new! I knew Captain Hook lost his hand to a crocodile, I knew he had a feud with Peter Pan. Yet this book, made me sit on the edge of my seat. This book, made me want to finish in one setting. This book, made me fall for Captain Hook. 
Well played Ms. Lynn. Well played indeed!
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The official teaser trailer for "Hook's Little Mermaid" 

Exclusive Audible Audio sample for the audio version of "Hook's Little Mermaid"


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