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Rise of the Temple Gods: Heir to Kale by K.L. Bone - Review

Rise of the Temple Gods: Heir to Kale
K.L. Bone

Young Adult Fantasy Kindle or Paperback
Rise of the Temple Gods: Heir to Kale is Ms. Bones second novel, and the first of a five-book series. The second of which, Heir to Koloso, was released in March of 2015. The series takes a young adult fantasy audience to the land of Kale where power is invested in the rulers and followers of temple gods. To engender collaboration of the temples, tournaments of combat are held, from which 60 champions are chosen to become Defendants, or a joint team to protect Kale from its enemies.
The pairing two such champions results in the birth of twin daughters, Princesses Mariana and Ameria. Each is taken to one of the temples, Mariana to the Temple of Kale and Ameria to the Temple of Koloso. As they grow older, they are trained in swordplay, hand-to-hand combat and the liturgy of the Temple Gods. Their shared goal is to become champions like their parents and be named Defendants of Kale.
Its not until their 17th birthday that they discover they are at the center of an ancient prophecy, when the King, their uncle, declares one will be the next Queen. Having been raised in opposing temples, Mariana and Ameria are already competitors, if not enemies. Love interests, sword fights, assassination attempts and parties representing both temples who want to influence the outcome in their favor further complicate the girls bitter rivalry, their fight for the crown and the long- term effect on the land of Kale.
I can't imagine what this book doesn't have. 
We have a new world that it built up so beautifully, I can close my eyes and see it! There is family drama- so thick it could have it's own sitcom! Fighting forces of good and evil... and even those in between that just don't know which way to go!
This is the beginning of a tale of two sisters that were separated at birth and must now FIGHT for their birthrights! 
I loved reading all the details, and learning all the new worlds with their species. Who has talking dogs? Not this world, I want a talking dog. 
I loved the book and I was very happy with the pace. There is a lot of violence, sometimes violence in a book can take it to a level that is grotesque, this is NOT the case with Heir to Kale. Everything is tastefully written and I believe every world stands to support the story and emotion driving it.
Highly suggest it as your next read!

K.L. Bone has a masters degree in modern literary cultures. An American, currently living in Ireland working toward her PhD with a focus in vampire and childrens literature. She wrote her first short story at the age of 15 and grew up with an equally great love of both classical literature and speculative fiction.
Bone has spent the last few years as a bit of a world traveler, living in California, London, and most recently, Dublin. When not immersed in words, of her own creation or studies, youll find Kristin traveling to mythical sites and Game of Thrones filming locations. She most recently appeared as a speaker at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston, MA and The International Conference Beliefs and Behaviours in Education and Culture in Timisoara, Romania. She will appear later this year as a speaker at Oxford University, The International Gothic Association Conference in Vancouver BC and The Anne Rice Undead Conference in New Orleans.

“Fear to the fearless. Hope to the hopeless. Mercy to those who hate you. Death to those who love you. That is your destiny, Princess of Kale, Princess of Koloso, heir to both.” – Prophecy of the Kalian Twins

The struggle for the throne intensifies as twin Princesses Ameria and Mariana are forced to contend with their bitter rivalry and haunted past. In this sequel to Heir to Kale, the sisters learn that they must first expose the secrets of their past before they can begin to unveil their shadowed destiny.

Awaiting the Temple bout which will determine her fate, Princess Mariana struggles to unite a Kingdom long bereft of leadership. She must navigate a labyrinth of rival families, powerful lords, and the ever-widening rift between those who serve the Temples and those who do not. Unprepared and still grieving the loss of her mentor, Mariana must decide for herself what is right for the kingdom and who, if anyone, can be trusted.

Meanwhile, Princess Ameria is more determined than ever to discover the true identity of her father’s killer and is willing to risk everything in order to find the answers she seeks. Embarking upon a quest which takes her from gleaming Temples to darkened castles, she endeavors to learn the truth about her family, the Prophecy, and the future of the Kingdom. Eventually turning to her estranged grandfather, the powerful and dangerous Lord Riccard, Ameria uncovers a truth about her family’s past from which will threaten to challenge the very foundations of her beliefs.

However, as the sisters come closer to revealing their past and the prophecy which haunts their future, the wraiths watch from the shadows, an ever-present reminder that time is running out and that the fight for the throne looms upon the horizon.

Adult Dark Fantasy Kindle or Paperback
May the Black Rose protect you in life and avenge you in death. Oath of the Black Rose Guard

Six hundred years ago, the Muir Court was wiped from existence, destroyed by an elite group known as the Black Rose Guard. Their Captain, Mara, has a reputation of being a harsh woman who leads the guard with a fierce formality. During her long years, she has known pain, loss, heartacheand one great love.

Edward was the Captain of the Royal Guard. He loved her once. However, it was a love that faded the day he met young Liza, the Princess who stole the heart he had once sworn belonged to Mara alone. Liza was also the woman that Mara was fated to protect. When the Queen learns of her daughters forbidden love for Edward, she devises a series of punishments, torturing Edward while her daughter is forced to watch. In a an act of desperation, Mara takes Lizas place and looks on helplessly as Edward endures the torments which break his body and Maras soul.

All of their pain is put aside when Liza is murdered by the rulers of a rival court. Haunted by her failure to protect the Princess and adhering to tradition, Mara takes the vow of the Black Rose. It is an ancient oath which ties those under its power to abandon the lives they knew for the sake of a single goal: vengeance. Her quest leads her on a dark path of violence, rage and bloodshed.

Tormented by a fate they can neither accept nor escape, Black Rose is a tale of retribution, love, and above all, honorat any cost.

Heart of the Rose, the second novel in the Black Rose Guard series, will be available Fall 2015!

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