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Broken by Jamie Loeak - Interview & Review

Author: Jamie Loeak
Series: The Outsiders Series (#1)
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: Self –Published
Edition/Formats: eBook
Two hearts meet in a field.
One is open,
The other is a shield.
Two heartbeats,
Four hands.
One soul lives between the two of them.
Carter Daniels is a typical runaway. Unsure of who he is or where he’s going, Carter is only sure of one thing: his past is going to stay in the past. But when he gets pulled into the popular crowd at Silver Valley High School, he’s forced to choose: tell the truth about who he is or lie. Lie. And it seems to be working. His parents wanted to get him that cheap apartment because they’re never home. He crashed his car so he doesn’t have one. His weekends are filled because he has to spend time with his parents. But when Carter is forced to open up to an outsider because of an English assignment, everything changes. There is something he sees in her, an undeniable connection. There is a need to discover what lies behind those sad eyes. But will Carter be able to lower his defenses in order to get past hers? Will he let her in, or will he choose to stay broken?
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*I was provided a complementary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Carter is a boy being forced into becoming a man before he has had the chance to be a child. Carter watches day after day as his mother and best friend are treated unfairly and abused by those that should love and protect them the most. Having reached the farthest he can be pushed... he makes a change on his own and runs away to make a better life.
Carter ends up at Silver Valley High and he mets Vani, from there on, nothing will be the same.
Carter and Vani are beautiful in their love because they each are overcoming not only the demons that plague them from the outside, but also those within. Carter is such a strong emotional lead that he doesn't even realize that he is that person. Vani is just looking for someone to be real, and see the real her and love her as she is. 
The story is well written, it took me a little bit to get into it, but the emotion of the characters will push you along. The way that it is written, we see and read everything that Carter is thinking as he does so we are learning and growing with him. This is a good read and I hope to read more from the author.
This book deals strongly with the subjects of family abuse and bullying. Not suggested for the younger readers.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Sure! During the day (and school year) I’m something called a Staffing Specialist, which is where I make sure that all of the legal paperwork that helps to document the progress of students with disabilities is compliant. I’m also a neat freak, a cat lover, and I love to play the guitar.
What do you do when you are not writing? Oh! I explore my city a lot. I attempt Pinterest recipes. I hang out with my cat, Charlie. I watch a lot of movies...and I won’t even go into Netflix binges.
When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book! I guess I’ve been writing since forever. I used to just write the stories in my head and they’d play like movies on long car rides. It wasn’t until 2012 that I actually wrote something down (and kept it!!). I guess that’s what happens when you’re asked to dog sit over Spring Break and the only vehicle you’re left with is a stick shift that you can’t drive. I didn’t have Netflix back then...thank goodness!
Do you ever experience writer's block?
Oh yes! I did for Broken and for each book in the series. I find that writing contemporary is very difficult. If I’m stuck I can’t just make up something insane! It has to mimic real life.
What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
I really loved this part at the end that I can’t even really tell you about. It has to do with Vani’s bullying. It’s intense and when I was able to write it from her POV in Flawless, it was an even better experience. I hate if that’s confusing but I guess you’ll have to read it!
How did you come up with the title?
Carter and Vani are both damaged characters. They spend the majority of the book in a state of ruin and it isn’t until they find and fully open up to one another that things change - this is why the continuation of that story is called Flawless. :)
Do you base your characters on people you know?
No. I might base relationship dynamics on my experience but never characters. To be honest, I believe that each character is a piece of my soul, a piece of my thoughts.
What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?
I got a critical review of Broken before it was revised and rewritten. I do think it helped me during the rewrite process. I really took into consideration that person’s concerns. I think that it was worded very respectfully and didn’t talk badly about me, as a person. It was tough to hear the things that were written about my book, since all books are part of the author, but it helped.
What has been the best compliment?
I love when people tell me they love the book. I had someone ask, a while ago, as to when the second book would come out. I guess I can finally tell them it will!
Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I would like to say thank you to anyone that has given me a chance. There are a lot of authors out there and I truly appreciate anyone that chooses to read my book.
This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOLATE!
Day or Night? Day - I love the sun!
Rain or Snow? Rain
Mac or PC? Mac
Coffee or Tea? Both but I drink coffee daily :)
Dogs or Cats? CATS!

Morning Person or Night Owl? Morning person
Carter's Song:
I was lost; you were not.
You were free when I was caught.
You could fly and I could only
See the ground.

We’re two hearts in a field.
Yours was open but mine
Was a shield.
I was blind but you could
See all around us.

I was dark
When you were light.
You were the sun
While I was the night.

When you crashed into me
I was surrounded by your gravity.
You pulled me to my knees.
I spun without knowing where
You would take me.
And I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you
That I’m afraid to fly.
But when you hold me in your arms
I’m all right.
If you will be my star,
I’ll be your satellite.

Hi there! I’m Jamie Loeak, YA author of the Chronicles of Light and Darkness, The Outsiders Series, the Atlantis Novella Series, and The Star Caster: a novella. Wow! That sounds like a lot for a girl that spent most of high school and college starting – and never finishing! – things. It all started with songs and poetry but the never-finishing part soon transferred to books.
It wasn’t until I started writing Body and Soul, the first book in the Chronicles of Light and Darkness, and my debut book, that I actually finished something. I blame/thank my parents for leaving me to dog sit on their vacation – they left me with a Jeep but I can’t drive stick, so I was literally stranded! However, I managed to finish a book I had been dreaming of for quite a while. So, in all reality, they are the reason that I even began writing.
Other than the story of my beginning, I’ll tell you a few things about myself. I was a special education teacher and now work in compliance (making sure that all aspects of a special education child’s education is legal). My hobbies include: writing – duh! – playing guitar, reading Jane Austen, browsing bookstores, trying to cook and bake, and photography. At night, when I’m falling asleep, I tend to come up with plans for world domination – and not my world domination, but a world where all people are good and do the right thing… I swear, it’ll all happen one day!!!

Five Fun Facts:
  1. I’m obsessed with my cat, Charlie.
  2. I’m practically paleo but not all the way! (you can see recipes on my blog
  3. I live in sunny Florida.
  4. I’m a neat freak and clean at least every other day.
  5. My sister is on the cover of The Star Caster and I took the photo!
Author Links
Title: Torn
Series: The Outsiders Series (#1.5)
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: Aug 1
Edition/Formats: eBook
I am done with laughing.
I am done with breathing.
Both need lungs,
Which I am not using.
So take my parts
Though they are worn.
Take what once worked.  
Leave me – torn.
Vani Carter is just beginning eighth grade at Silver Valley Middle. She’s got her friends, Brooke and Anne Marie, guiding her through the year that is most crucial and things seem to be going all right, until all the fighting starts at home.
When Vani needs someone to talk to, she turns to Colton, the boy that’s destined to be popular. Over their lunch conversations, they become friends that care for one another unconditionally.
However, as Vani and Colton’s friendship grows stronger, Anne Marie and Brooke become more jealous, and that’s when things change. Vani’s forced to endure, not only the pain of her parent’s constant arguments, but also the pain of Anne Marie’s mean comments and threats.
When Vani is forced to choose which kind of pain is easiest to bear, will she make the right choice? Will she give in or will she fight back?
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 The Outsiders Series
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Torn (1.5) Coming Aug 2015
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