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Shadow, Shadow by V.B. Marlowe - Review


Shadow, Shadow by V.B. Marlowe 
(The Shadow Pines Trilogy #1) 
Publication date: February 15th 2015
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal, Young Adult
Book One of The Shadow Pines Trilogy~312 pages“The four of you have been blessed with a great gift. Well, it’s a gift for you, but a curse for someone else.”
Harley receives a mysterious gift on her sixteenth birthday–a shadow box. The box gives her the power to trade someone to the shadows, meaning they will disappear and cease to exist. Harley can’t imagine doing such a horrible thing and is warned that using the box comes at a price. Unfortunately, not using the box can be even more costly. Harley must make this life-altering decision as she discovers frightening revelations about the town she calls home. Ages 13 and up

V.B. Marlowe is the author of The Shadow Pines Trilogy. In addition to that, Marlowe is a lover of twisted tales, horror movies, and great food. Be on the lookout for new releases coming soon!
*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is a really good start to this supernatural trilogy!
Harley is a young girl, just turning 16 and she lives in Shadow Pines. Her town isn't a normal town and it really isn't a nice place to be. Shadow Pines lives up to its name as well. Shadows that come to take people away as food, live in the trees. For Harley and 3 new acquaintances that becomes evident on their 16th birthday when they are "gifted" shadow boxes with the power to banish anyone they choose to be taken by the shadows.
Harley is a good yet deeply misunderstood girl and I feel so bad for her all through the book. She just wants to live her life in peace, yet no one will let her.
She is string of character and everyone jumps to the wrong conclusion. I would have liked to have seen a few more ends connected in this one. Maybe some more about Marcus the crazy kid, or even Ackerman.
All in all, I will continue the story and can't wait to read book two!

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