Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scar of the Downers by Scott Keen

Scar of the Downers by Scott Keen 
Publication date: February 27th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Branded on the slaves in the Northern Reaches beyond Ungstah, the scar marks each one as a Downer. It is who they are. There is no escaping this world. Still, strange things are stirring.
Two foreigners ride through the Northern Reaches on a secret mission. An unknown cloaked figure wanders the streets of the dark city of Ungstah. What they want no one can be sure, but it all centers around a Downer named Crik.
Crik, too scared to seek freedom, spends his days working in his master’s store, avoiding the spirit-eating Ash Kings, and scavenging food for himself and his best friend, Jak. Until he steals from the wrong person. When Jak is sold to satisfy the debt, Crik burns down his master’s house and is sentenced to death.
To survive, Crik and his friends must leave behind their life of slavery to do what no other Downer has ever done before – escape from the city of Ungstah.
*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Being born into slavery is something that I will never understand. The author has taken a lifestyle completely foreign to us and shows us the grit, the dirt and the pure emotion of living this way. 
As you read about Crik you see that he is just trying to survive and this costs him dearly. 
I can't imagine having to leave behind the terrors of the life you know, for the unknown terrors of life that wants to end you. 
When you read this book you will learn things about the characters that will endear them to your heart. Expertly dialoged and very charismatic in character. 
I loved it and so will you!

Scott grew up in Black River, NY, the youngest of three children. While in law school, he realized he didn’t want to be a lawyer. So he did the practical thing – he became a writer. Now, many years later with an MFA in script and screenwriting, he is married with four daughters, two of whom he homeschools.

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