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Nova by TP Hogan

Nova - The created Nephilim

Title: Nova
Author: TP Hogan
Series: Nephilim Code
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: March 7, 2015

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Nephilim walk among us. Descendants of Angels who just want to live their lives without humans knowing they exist. Some of them anyway. Then there are the ones who want to rule over us. Like in the days of old, they want to be considered our ‘gods’.

My name is Nova Quinn. I’m a photographer... and human. 
Well, I was.

Now I’m fighting for my life. I wasn’t supposed to survive but I did. Caught in a world where ‘superhuman’ abilities are normal, it’s hard enough trying to get a grip on this new reality. But when the other side shows up and wants to use my genetics for their experiments, suddenly it’s no longer enough to know Nephilim exist…I have to be one.

My name is Nova Quinn.
And I’m the created Nephilim.

I absolutely loved this book! 
Everything I could want in a story all in one package!  Nova is your average girl and she comes across the new people in her building who are a little odd but nothing prepares her to catch one flying! 
From that moment she knows her life will never be the same. She then goes for sine ice cream and then life goes from confusing to insane and she has to learn quickly who is friend or foe.
I love the pace of the story, I wasn't rushed through the story but I also didn't feel like I need to dig for references. 
Nova is anextremely strong character and readers can pick up on her strength and humor from page one. She has a true sense of loyalty and I hope she works it out for the love she deserves! !
I can't wait to read book two!!!

G’Day, I’m TP Hogan.
I'm an Aussie born and bred and I've lived both in the bush and in a Capital City; with a couple of stops along the way. Right now I live on the coast in Far North Queensland, which is an interesting experience; since swimming in surf, battling jellyfish and removing sand from all sorts of places are not favourite pastimes. Writing on the other hand, is a favourite pastime. I write down the voices in my head & call them Characters. When they interact I call them Stories. Once published I call them Books. The best thing about having them published is that you can…Escape…and explore hidden worlds. When not writing, I have a full time day job, a full time husband, practice the violin, make jellies & am an occasional Radio DJ.

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Donna Pemberton said...

Great review! Thank you so much for supporting TP and her new release <3
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