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Death Design by N.L. Hoffmann is available now!

The Daughters of Darkness BannerDeath Design is available now!
Death Design
Sin Noble is the President’s personal assassin, due to her unique ability to kill. What most don’t know is, he’s also her brother, and not at all the cuddly or loving kind, either. After surviving a difficult childhood and life on the streets, she adapted to her murder-for-hire lifestyle by going against nature and using her reaping powers to take enemies of the President before their time. As Death incarnate, Sin has the unique ability to alter the Death Design—the pattern that decides who should die, and when.
But tempting fate doesn’t come without a price. Or a questionable relationship with alcohol.
When she is sent by her brother to assassinate a suspected blackmailer, Sin soon realizes that the situation is more complicated than he let on. She is partnered with another employee of the President, Liam Sanders, whom she hates with a passion. When push comes to shove, that passion soon turns into something her hormones can’t refuse, and Sin can’t live without.
Constantly running up against her Supernatural fathers and sarcastic sisters, Sin’s tangled web of a mission reveals that The Covert is once again preying on all of the world’s inhabitants. Sin is desperate to discover the truth before she decides to take another life outside the Death Design. Will she be able to accomplish the impossible, while being pursued herself by mysterious dark forces? One thing is certain: no can escape their destiny.
All will be revealed in the Death Design.

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Taking out a precut head of Reed, I taped it to the girl’s body, and then showed him. “I kind of like your legs better in this one.” “I am your boss. So when I say that I need you to investigate, then you need to go do it,” he said, becoming impatient. Another thing that he had also developed since becoming the President: impatience. He wanted his way, a hundred percent of the time. Placing his new body in a hidden box I had in my desk drawer, I finally met his dark brown-eyed gaze. “Look, just because you are the President of our wonderful country, doesn’t mean I am at your beck and call. I still have rights, you know. Not only that, I am not your pet killer. I don’t just go around sending people to the other side because you said so. It has to be their time, and you know how the process works.”

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About the Author:

N.L Hoffmann is a paranormal romance author that just completed her first series called The Daughters of Darkness. Currently she has three books out, Blood Slaves, Shadow Cursed and the new release, Death Design.
Hoffmann was born in Germany to her German native mother and her American soldier father. The family moved home to the states, where she grew up in a rural farm town in Michigan with her parents and two younger brothers. There, in her pre-teens, is when she began writing and developed her love for literature.
Today, Hoffmann resides in Missouri with her husband and three children, where she published her first book Blood Slaves in January 2014 When Hoffmann isn't busy putting words on the page she enjoys reading, drawing, playing pranks on her husband, and spending time with her family.

I have fallen in love with this series. In this third book, we finally get to meet the third Noble sister, and we learn more of the destiny of the trio of paranormal sisters. With a name like Sin, what would you expect from a daughter of Lucifer than an ability centered around Death?

Sin is an assasin for her "brother" and he turns out to be a not so nice guy, and then add in some nasty new info about Nick and we have a whole team of bad guys that need to go down a notch!
The Noble sisters are all in this book and we get to see some more of the snarky sass that I LOVE in this series. I literally re-read things to laugh at the comebacks in these books. 
I really love the way Hoffmann has created this world of tragedy and yet we get to see all the silver linings that even Aden would be proud of!
LOVE this series and I would give it more than 5 stars if I could!

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