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'Demon Killer' by Myra Nour - Interview & Review

Title: Demon Killer

Author: Myra Nour
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 2014 
(Originally Published in a Anthology Shifter, NCP in 2002)
Editions/Formats Available In: eBook

Attacked by a soldier of the demon race, a young woman has a child from their union. To her horror, he bears the mark of the demon, and her people will stop at nothing to kill it. Being part fairy, Azra uses her magic to try and save her child from his demon blood. In spite of her best efforts, he briefly turns into the monstrous Sartwor beast, slaying her entire village.
A perilous journey to the home of the pure blood fairies ensues as she races to save Bretuck before he turns into the beast again. This time she may not be able to pull him from the grasp of the creature ruling his body. Can a mother's love prevail over her son's cursed blood?

Myra has been published since 2001 with Ellora's Cave and New Concepts Publishing. She decided in 2014 to take some of her books the Indie route, starting with Demon Killer. Myra loves to write stories with a mix of romance, s/f, paranormal and fantasy elements. Since April 2012 she is the CEO and co-owner of BTS Book Reviews, a digital magazine dedicated to promoting authors work and bringing great books to readers. 
Magazine at: www.btsemag.com.
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The trees surrounding the glen where the witch was reported to live, were bent over and twisted into odd shapes, as if they suffered arthritic pains. It was dusky dark under those snake-like contortions of limb and leaves, and smelled of mold and dampness under the deep purplish shade. Azra felt sure sunlight had never touched the earth beneath the overhanging giants, yet the sun had seared her shoulders before stepping into the trees gloom but a moment before.
             At first glance, she thought there was an overgrown hill nestled between the giants, but in reality, it was a profusion of vines and greenish-black creepers crawling into and over a tiny hut. A small door was barely distinguishable between the virulent growths, but someone kept the doorway cleared. Before her hand descended on the cracked wood, an ancient sounding voice called for her to enter. Her nostrils flared, offended by the strange smells emanating from within, the sickening mingling of ancient magic making it worse. Dark power. Dark magic. She shivered in reaction.
            She found a haggard old woman with lank hair dragging the ground, sitting on a small stool and stirring a smelly concoction in a hearth blackened pot. The interior was darker than the tree shadows, relieved only by the hearth fire, which threw out shoots of sparks and faint light. It lit the witch’s face and Azra realized she’d held her breath for a horrified moment, for the old crone looked an ogre in its lair.
The woman grinned widely showing two bone white teeth, everything else in her mouth blackened or greenish with decay. Azra shivered as she realized how the witch’s appearance replicated the hut’s exterior, and the old sorceress knew well the image she created.
“Fairy child, come to the old witch for help, eh?”
Where are you from?
Sometimes when I write it feels like another universe.:) I find that a hard one to answer since my dad was in the Air Force and we moved a lot. Then my husband was in the Army 25 years and we moved a lot. We always joked that home was where Uncle Sam told us it was.
I lived many years in Arkansas and Louisiana, so they feel like home. We live in South Carolina right now but our dream is to buy a log cabin in the near future in the North Carolina Mountains. We fell in love with it.

What was your life like before becoming an author?
I was a nurse for 8 years before deciding to further my education. I put myself through college with 2 small children, earning a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling. I spent many great years helping students in colleges and a University. Loved it. I also taught Psychology and Sociology in a small college. My favorite job of all time.

When and why did you begin writing?
I piddled with short stories through college and had some published in small magazines. In 1996 I decided to finally write a story I had dreamed in 1977, which was Love’s Captive. It was published in 2001 by New Concepts Publishing and has been my bestseller for 13 years.
Why? Because my family kept encouraging me to write that story which I had shared with them. They thought it was too good not to write. I also decided I didn’t want to be 80 years old one day and regret I had never written my dream story, even if it didn’t get published.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I make notes and write a synopsis beforehand. If it is a novel I will do an outline too. Helps keep me on track.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
I hope not. I write about werewolves and aliens. Haven’t encountered any yet! Kidding aside, I do develop my characters into real people based on my knowledge of human psychology, and throw in flavorings of people I know. I’m known for my character development.
The majority of my heroes have been based on my husband, who is handsome, muscular, was a soldier and has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taw Kwon Do. He is an Alpha male. These are the type of men I am drawn to, so why not use a good living example.:)

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I am working slowly on a zombie novel. I am a huge Walking Dead fan. I love character building in these stories and how the different people survive. What do they do? How do they handle it mentally?
I am also working on my EC book Shifter’s Desire: Vampire Fangs & Venom. I recently got all my EC books back so I can release them as Indie books. I decided several years ago to move toward Mainstream writing again and all my EC books will be toned down to sensual Mainstream, then released again.

What is your writing routine? 
What’s then one thing you can’t write without (besides pencil and paper)?
 Coffee if it is in the morning.
It is very hard for me to find the time to write since I am CEO of BTS Book Reviews magazine. I write when I can find a little time. I have recently hired an Executive Assistant, so I am hopeful she can take some of my load so I have more time to write.
Which comes first: The character's story, or the idea for the novel?
Novel idea baby. I often dream stories, so it makes it very easy. Jot down my thoughts and go from there.

What is your favorite part of the book?

When the epiphany happens for the characters. In all my stories each character has that moment or even more than one, when they realize they love the other person and why.
*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

What an awesome read! This is a super short one, but doesn't lack punch!
Azra is a creature of Fae, and she is attacked by a Demon, and this leads to her having a child from the attack. She loves her child but it is half demon - which causes the Fae to want to kill her child!
After he is taken over by the demon part of his heritage, she does everything she can to save him, he is half her too!
This is fast paced, intriguing and just really fantastic! My only complaint was that there wasn't more of it to read! Even though it is about Fae and demons, you should never underestimate a mothers love!
Not recommended for younger readers.

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