Monday, August 25, 2014

'Destined to Love' by Jourdyn Kelly - Review


Book Title:  Destined to Love
Author:  Jourdyn Kelly
Genre: YA/Urban Fantasy
Anala Geil has finally fulfilled her destiny to become the Leader of the Society of Hunters - 600 years AFTER she thought all Cursed Ones were gone. So far; she is a Cursed Hunter, has fallen in love with a fellow Hunter, had another Hunter turned, and lost Thomas -the one she had feelings for so long ago. She's doing great.
The challenges that Ana and her Hunters must face now will either tear them apart, or bring them closer. But what will Ana do when she is forced to make the most difficult decisions of her long life?
Will she be able to hold on to the humanity she feels is perilously close to shattering?
Currently living in the Houston area, Jourdyn spends her time writing, designing websites and caring for what she equates as a zoo with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, 3 frogs and 3 turtles. In the recent years, she has changed her lifestyle to include working out and eating right. She now competes in triathlons, has run her first half-marathon, and loves Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing and Krav Maga.
Jourdyn loves bringing her characters out for everyone to meet. Her goal is to keep writing in many different genres, as she feels there shouldn't be anything limiting writers. Coming up, you will hear more of Blaise Knight's story.

*I was offered a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Destined to Love, is book two in Jourdyn Kelley's Destined Series and it does not disappoint! In this book, we see Anala just where book one left off, and she is now the Leader of the Society. She is really struggling with her left over humanity and is hanging onto it by a thread. She finds herself falling in love with Sam, who is another hunter in the group and this causes some problems when she is forced to turn Zac or loose him forever. Zac himself has feelings for Anala.
We see a lot of things happening in Destined to Love but it's not so overwhelming. Jourdyn Kelley has done a phenomenal job of piecing everything together and making it feel so seamless, and so real even though you know it isn't. Destined to Love is a book that you can really get lost in, and finish in one setting. I loved it, and I totally think that you should go out and read this series!!
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