Monday, July 21, 2014

Congratulations to our friend Alisa!!!

Hey everyone!!
Let's throw a big congratulations to our friend Alisa over at Eskimo Princess Book Reviews!!
What's that you say???

Because she has reached 4000 fans on Facebook!!

So, Alisa loves her fans so much... that she is having a HUGE thank you in the form of a massive... you guessed it....

So... go ahead and head over and give her a like
so you can get your entries on!!

There's more!!!!

Be sure that you head over and join the Facebook Event..... 
There will be so much awesomeness... 
Loki can hep me explain...


Unknown said...

Thank you very very much.
Not only do we have a massive giveaway, we are having an event with even more goodies!!

Alisa Jenkins said...

This just popped up in my FB memories! I want to say Thank you again for posting and helping me

Dowie said...

It was a fun post :)

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