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"Lunacy" & "No Bite" by RA Sears - Reviews

The story revolves around the life of high school senior Kacea Meade and her infatuation with the strong, silent type outcast Jynxx Davison. Together they discover that his heritage is a bit unusual, and the responsibilities it entails brings a skeleton in Kacea's own closet screaming to the fore. It shatters everything they know, and the very fate of the world is in danger because of it. 

Kacea just wants to finish school. 
She has been crushing on Jynxx for a while and when he awakens she starts to see her own powers come into light, and she finds that she has a goddess inside of her!
They are drawn together and they really do take the changes well, and they work together to figure everything out.
I really enjoyed reading this book, and I cant wait to read more!!!
It's well written and the author really does a good job of making everything seem as though it really could happen, and you are right there along for the journey!
Go get you a copy and read it!

Three years have gone by since Kacea disappeared into the night, during their senior prom. Jynxx, having fully taken over as the leader of the Colony -the first territory ruled over by the Ulven when the settlers discovered the New World- is now trying to hunt down his lost love. 

The trail leads him to an isolated gas station in Kansas, where he discovers two things: her scent is heavily mingled with that of a vampire, and someone is hunting him as well. Abducted and taken to a pristine facility, confined to a glaringly bright white room with a two-way mirror, who could be on the other side of it? And what do they want with him?

Jynxx is the boss now, and he is ready to find Kacea and pick up where they left off, the problem is..... when he finally is sure he is close to her, he is kidnaped! 
When he wakes up he has no clue what is coimg for him, and what will this mean for Kacea??
I have to read more!!!!!
Nail biting tension, and lots of suspense!!

Like many, her story begins with being born. After a harrowing journey through a blizzard, her parents brought her into the world in a small hospital in Northern New York in February of 1986. She spent much of her childhood outdoors, loving the wilderness and feeling more at home with the creatures in it than her own classmates. Always a storyteller, even before she could write anything on her own, she often told narratives to her parents to put off bedtime, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Mainly a writer of supernatural/urban fantasy fiction, Randi's been seriously writing since she was 13, honing her craft to have a blade of storytelling as sharp as her rapier wit. Inspired by a childhood full of action and horror films, as well as a more-than-healthy dose of comics (both American and not), her writing style has often been described thus: "It felt like I was watching a movie, not reading a book." With a style heavy on both visuals and plot, she hopes to enrapture many with her prose.

She began what has now become known as The Ragnarok Legacy when she was a junior in high school. The first book "Lunacy" is now available, after being revised and in the works for nearly a decade. She's working on the sequel "Sanguinarium" to be released some time in the fall/winter of 2013, in between bouts of baby-wrangling her first son, Hunter.

Randi (Miss R.A.) currently lives near (but not in) the thriving metropolis of Baltimore, Maryland. She shares her home with her two cats, Chester and Nergal, a dog rescued from Afghanistan who goes by the name Renegade, and her husband Adam, who proudly serves in the United States Military.

Occasionally having to give in to the Dark Side, she also writes erotica under the name Kassi Darq-Chylde.

She is also the founder of a baby indie press called Darq Deviant Press. Her debut novel is published under their banner, and they specialize in paranormal, horror, occult, sci-fi, and experimental poetry and fiction. Their launch anthology "Bitter Blackout" hit #17 in Amazon's Top 100 anthologies.

What can you expect from her work in both the realm of erotica and less saucy fiction? "Werewolves, vampires, gods reborn, action, steamy scenes, and sometimes pie. Mmm... Pie."

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