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"Wicked Hunger" by DelSheree Gladden - Review, Interview & GIVEAWAY!!

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Wicked Hunger Cover photo Wicked-Hunger.jpgTitle:  Wicked Hunger
Series:  Someone Wicked This Way Comes Series, Book One
Author:   DelSheree Gladden
Published:  Date April 1st, 2014 by Clean Teen Publishing
Page Count:  358
Genre:  YA Mature Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:   Violence, minor language, romance
Recommended Age:  17+

“Save him and hurt him, don’t save him and hurt him. Pain, either way. Delicious pain. Hunger will be the only one that wins. Hunger always wins.”
Vanessa and Zander Roth are good at lying. Their whole life is a giant web of deceit made in an effort to conceal the deadly secrets that plague their family.
Zander will do anything to forget his mistakes, including pushing everyone away. He was barely surviving in his self-forced solitude before Ivy Guerra entered his life. The new girl in school, with her pink-striped hair and unyielding curiosity, incites something wicked inside Zander that can only be blamed on his family genes. Now Zander is forced to fight an internal war and make a choice between loving Ivy Guerra and killing her.
Vanessa wants nothing more than to shed the strange powers she wields and be normal. Because if Van were normal, she’d be able to have normal things… Like a relationship with the boy she’s been secretly in love with for years. Unfortunately, her life is anything but ordinary. That boy who owns her heart just happens to be her brother’s kryptonite and a potential liability for her entire family. When choices between love and family loyalty have to be made, Van finds herself faced with an impossible decision.
As if the Roth family needs anything more to worry about, a vicious plot to expose Van and Zander for what they are is uncovered. When it becomes apparent that someone close to them is at the center of this devious plan, the fight to maintain control and keep their cover ensues. It’s a seemingly impossible battle because something is causing their powers to stir stronger than ever before… and it won’t stop until Van and Zander give in to their wicked hunger.
Wicked Hunger-Author photo DelSheree-Gladden.jpgDelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist. Her works include Escaping Fate, Twin Souls Saga, The Destroyer Trilogy, and Invisible. The first book in the Someone Wicked This Way Comes series, Wicked Hunger, is scheduled to be released through Clean Teen Publishing on April 1, 2014.

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~No Happy Endings~
“I want you to stay away from that girl,” I say.
“But she’s Laney’s cousin. I can’t avoid her without doing the same to Laney.”
“Maybe that’s just how it has to be, then.” Giving up friends, it’s something Van should get used to, now, because it isn’t going to stop any time soon.
Van shakes her head. “No, Zander. She’s my best friend. I’m not going to bail on Laney like that.”
“You think she’ll be happy you stayed friends with her when you kill her pretty little cousin?” I snap.
Her head drops down, but I can still see the corner of her mouth twitching. “I can control it. I won’t hurt her.”
“You can’t guarantee that.”
“I won’t live like you,” she says quietly. “I won’t live alone for the rest of my life because I’m scared of hurting people.”
I sigh and close my eyes. “It’s not about being scared, Van. It’s about being smart. Stay away from her.”
For a long moment, she doesn’t say anything. Deep down, I’m hoping with everything I have that she’ll listen to me. I can’t go through it again. Oscar nearly broke me. She can’t expect me to go through that with her. I won’t make it. Please just listen to me, I beg.
When she finally speaks, her voice startles me. “She knows something.”
It’s just a simple sentence, but it ignites my anger like a match to a fuse. “She doesn’t know anything! Nobody does. Get that through your head and quit looking for answers, Van!”
My sister’s head snaps up and my hands tighten into fists at the determination in her eyes. “She knows something, and I’m going to find out what it is.”
Then she throws open the door of the truck and runs away.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am almost thirty, which seems kind of weird when I think about it too long. I married my husband Ryan after only dating for only six months, and we now have two smarty pants kiddos. I am a little bit obsessive and a lot scatter brained. I frequently forget things if I don’t put them in my phone calendar, and it doesn’t help that there always seems to be a million things going on at once.
What do you do when you are not writing?
I run my kids around a zillion places. That’s what it feels like some times, but I also love to paint, take pictures of flowers, and kill plants. I try not to kill them, but I’m not a very good gardener.
When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book!
I started writing in high school, and I finished my first book when I was sixteen, but it was absolutely terrible. I wrote another book when I was sixteen, but I rewrote it…twice…before it was eventually published almost ten years later.
Do you ever experience writer's block?
Yes, all the time, especially lately, for some reason! Probably because I’m trying to write four different series at the same time. Not my best idea ever. 
What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
I just handed the sequel to Wicked Hunger, which is called Wicked Power, off to the editor, and there is a chapter in it where Ketchup and Vanessa finally have to face each other and find out if everything they have been through has broken them, or bound them together. It was such an emotional scene, one I really put my heart into, and I think it will be a favorite of mine for quite a while.
How did you come up with the title?
Actually, I didn’t. My original title was already in use, and I had to change it. I was completely blank on ideas, though, so a friend of mine named Betty Goodwin actually made several suggestions and I instantly loved Wicked Hunger. 
Do you base your characters on people you know?
Not on one person in particular. I think many of my characters have bits and pieces of myself and people I know in them, but it would be impossible not to do that! 
If yes, do you tell them?
If I ever did base a character of one specific person, I wouldn’t tell them. It’d probably be the bad guy! That might not go over real well! 
 What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
The toughest criticism and best compliment have both come from the same person. My husband. Even though it’s tough to hear that one of my characters is unlikable and makes no sense, it’s pretty much always exactly what I need to hear so I can fix the problem…after I pout about it for a few days. On the flip side, my hubby recently read one of my new books and when he finished it he told me it was the best one I had written and he thought it had a lot of potential to be big. I can’t even express how much that meant to me because I respect his opinion so much. He really is the best.
Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
The Roth siblings in Wicked Hunger are born into a difficult situation they don’t understand. In the beginning it defines them. It controls their lives and their choices. It’s a slow process for them to begin to understand that it doesn’t have to. The same is true for all of us. Our situation doesn’t determine who we will become. Your choices do, so make them good ones.
Chocolate or Vanilla? 
Chocolate all the way, especially if it’s Ghirardelli dark chocolate with sea salt. 
Day or Night?
Ugh, night! I am not a morning person at all! 
Rain or Snow?
Snow, even though I suck at snowboarding. 
Mac or PC?
PC for sure! 
Coffee or Tea?
I don’t drink either. I’ll substitute Dr. Pepper here. It’s been my friend many late nights.
Dogs or Cats?
Dogs. Heidi the Devil Cat ruined it for the whole species.
Morning Person or Night Owl?
I’d much rather stay up late when it’s nice and quiet, until I start hearing weird noises. I’m a big time scaredy cat!

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
I wish it were possible to give this book more than 5 stars!  From the first page to the very end, the need to finish this book is insatiable! 
The story line is so original and the text so well written! 
We are introduced to a set of siblings, Vanessa and Zander Roth who have an unusual hunger for pain.  They have to work to hide this and work to be what they consider normal.  All of this is thrown for a whirlwind with the arrival of Ivy everything they know is about to change.
'Wicked Hunger' is a must read and start early because you wont be able to stop!

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