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"Cursed" & "Obsession" by Georgina Hannan Reviews by Red

Reality and Myths Collide.

A young adult story about a group of four friends who embark on a holiday together to the gorgeous countryside of Dartmoor, Devon. Each of them hoping for an adventure, something they will always remember. However it isn’t long before they get want they want.

The group are plagued by noises after hearing the myths and legends of the area. Is it just their overactive imaginations or is there a visitor in the spare room who is trying to get their attention?

Join the group on a spectacular journey as they discover what Dartmoor has to offer.

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*I was given this ebook for free for an honest review.

I have one word for this book...

First, if you are not familiar with this area of the United Kingdom go to your favorite map website and look it up.  Seriously, the book is so much more intriguing when you have a mental image of the area.

While the book starts a little slow it is very well written and held my interest.  This book kind of creeps up on you and before I knew it I couldn't put it down.  The thing about this book that really hooked me was the way the legends were carefully crafted and very believable.  The characters are everyday people who are well written and believable.

Dust off your best english accent and dive in to "Cursed".

There's a fine line between Obsession and Madness.

After a strange and exciting holiday, Daisy is looking forward to the new start University life will bring.

A life changing assignment makes her question the fine line between Obsession and Madness.

Can she tell the difference?

Can you?

"Obsession" is the second book in the young adult Cursed Series by Georgina Hannan


*I was given this ebook for free for an honest review

"Obsession" is the perfect second installment in the Cursed Series by Georgina Hannan.

Obsession continues to follow Daisy in her first year at University.  Her summer holiday threw her for a loop, but a simple class assignment will rock her sanity.  Daisy finds out through researching her family tree that her life is not what she thought it was and one of the legends she learned on her holiday to Dartmoor might be more fact than fiction.

I love how the character of Daisy continues to develop.  She is a totally relatable character with a life that seems to get crazier by the day.  I am looking forward to the next installment in the Cursed Series.

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