Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keep Breathing by Alexia Purdy

Keep Breathing Synopsis:

'The past doesn't define me. It's just a place I've been.'  

Seth Kingston is back in town with years of regrets. Regrets for the way he left things with Penny, the hurt he caused her, and the future they could have had together. He had his reasons and now all he wants is to make amends and have a second chance at love.

But Penny wants no part of what he's offering. She's accepted that life is hard, love is an illusion, and you can't trust men. Especially men named Seth Kingston. And yet... he's so tender with her. He's patient, and caring.

Is it possible that he's changed? Can they really try again?

The past has a tendency to embed its vicious talons deep into a heart, never to let go again. Penny has enough tragedy to last lifetimes and isn't willing to let anyone scale her walls. 

Can real love survive anything, even an unforgiving past?

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Review by Red
*I was given this ebook for free for an honest review.

I truly enjoyed this book!  It is so different from any of Alexia Purdy's works I have read before, but her style shines through.

She has a way of writing characters you can't help but become emotionally involved with.  As I see it there are two major bonuses to this book:

1.  The story is written from the perspective of both Seth and Penny so the reader knows everything that is going on and every insight.

2.  The chapters are short so if you are one of those people who only has a few minutes at a time to read this is a good book for you.


Keep Breathing is a beautiful story about first love and second chances.  Be sure get your copy today!

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