Sunday, February 23, 2014

Big Changes Here at Dowie's Place!!!

First of all.... 



I would like to introduce a couple of special people, people that you will be getting to know quite well here soon!

Meet the newest members here at Dowie's Place!!!

Deborah “Red” Hickey is a lover of music and all things written.  An avid bookworm, Red will read anything from the back of a cereal box to Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  Red currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and three cats and attends Middle Tennessee State University where she is a Music Industry major.
Tiffany "Allie" is a military spouse of 10 years, and a self professed tomboy that loves country living. Allie is Texas born and bred as well as the mother of 2 boys, she is an avid reader who loves to read Paranormal Romance, but also reads Romance, New Adult, YA, YA Paranormal, some mystery and a bit of horror and suspense.
Red & Allie will be our new admins, and they are both going to be a HUGE part of my review team as well as an admins for some of our giveaways and Facebook page which is HERE!
So, please, make them feel welcome!

If you are also interested in becoming a member of our team, just click HERE.

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