Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today's Daily Dose of FREE Books!!

I hope that you all find today a blessed day!

Here are some books for you to enjoy, for FREE!!!

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Forgetting who you are, your ambitions, your love is crippling….but remembering – embracing your purpose with a new sense of determination is more than empowering….its life altering.
Charlie Myers is on a life altering path that will cause the damned to humble in silence…
One night…just a few friends how could it go so wrong? That was the question seventeen year old Charlie Myers was asking when she found herself in the ER. Outwardly nothing was wrong with Charlie, she was a vision of perfect heath, internally she was battling a raging headache…one the doctor told her she would overcome shortly, but Charlie knew something else was wrong …very wrong.
Part of her had been stolen….she was missing memories. Those memories were sacred. They held the key to her sanity. They told her that the sinister whispers, the shadows that came to life before her were not as ominous as she felt they were. They held the bond with her late father, a famed musician. They caused her to forget the one talent that allowed her to face the darkness that haunted her every waking hour. They also masked a much deeper bond, the face of the one that had stolen her heart, long before the age of seventeen.
Charlie wanted to stay in NY, figure out what she was missing, why, and who was behind it all, but her mother had other plans. Against her will, Charlie was sent to Salem to live with her sister….within that small town Charlie found her memories….and so much more.
Her story begins now.

Days of Yore: Jack the Giant Killer

Winner of the Silver Medal for Fantasy/Sci-Fi at the 2011 Independent Publishers Book Awards. 
It is 490 A.D. Eighty years since the Romans abandoned Britain to the nightmare of the Dark Ages. One man arose to put an end to the chaos...and now that man is dying.
After killing the marauding giant Oggmagog with a devious trick, a boy named Jack is brought before the dying King Arthur who sends him on a quest to Albion, land of the giants, to retrieve his sword Excalibur and save all of Britain.

The Warrior's Wife

What if Romeo and Juliet had succeeded?
Two warring families, one widow who has forgotten her family's hatred, one powerful knight determined to reclaim his family's castle and a wife to rule it beside him. No one will stop him not her father, his king or the lady herself.

Bell's Big Move

Bell's Big Move tells the story of Bell and her girl, Sofia, who move from the big city to the quiet town of Pineville, where life is a lot less busy. Will their new friends, Jingle® and Andrew, help make Pineville feel like home? 
Little ones will love hearing this story as a narrator reads to them, page by page. And if she's nearby, the Bell® Story Buddy® stuffed animal will respond when you read key phrases from the story

Essential Oils For Skin

There are over a hundred different essential oils with varying benefits, and with different applications. There is often some confusion that essential oils are similar to perfumes. But while perfumes are artificially created fragrances, essential oils are natural extracts of plants. They are even referred to as Natural Essential Oils for this reason. That said, essential oils are used to make perfumes as well. You need to be aware of which kinds of essential oils are right for your skin, because there are a few oils that are known to be toxic. 

Redwood Violet

Katie Reid is living the quintessential Southern California life. A dream job and her college sweetheart Spencer, top it all off. But the nightmares that have been haunting her for months are getting worse.
After seeking help from Dr. Reyes, it becomes apparent that Katie is dealing with something much deeper and much more sinister. Her only solution is to delve into a past that no one wants her to remember.
With the horrific discovery of a secret kept hidden for years, Katie is drawn into a world mired in evil and lost innocence. And only with the help of Detective Marshall Avery will she be able to channel her pain and anger.
But, will he be able to contain Katie’s desire for vengeance that has begun to unravel her perfect life?
The first in a two-part series, Redwood Violet will keep you firmly in its grip and refuse to let go!

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