Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's Daily Dose of FREE Books!!

It's FRIDAY!!!! Oh my is there a better day?

Here are your FREE books for today, I hope that you are able to find something you will enjoy.

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Remember that the pricing is FREE at the time of posting but this may change at any moment, so get them while you can for FREE!!

Happy Reading!!

Reign of Blood

Book 2 'Disarming' now available!
"Never tease anything that wants to eat you. My name is April Tate and my blood is the new gold. Vampires and hybrids have overrun my world, once vibrant with life, but now a graveyard of death shrouded in shadows. I fight to survive; I fight for my mother and brother. The journey is full of turns that I am quite unprepared for. And I'm just hoping to make it to the next Vegas sunrise..."
In a post-apocalyptic world, a viral epidemic has wiped out most of the earth’s population, leaving behind few humans but untold numbers of mutated vampires. April is a seventeen-year-old girl who lives in the remains of Las Vegas one year after the outbreak. She has become a ferocious vampire killer and after her family is abducted, she goes searching for them. What she finds is a new breed of vampire, unlike any she has seen before. Unsure of whom she can trust, she discovers that her view of the world is not as black and white as she once thought, and she's willing to bend the rules to rescue her family. But in trying to save them, she may only succeed in bringing her fragile world crashing down around her.

Five Quickies For Roger And Suzanne

“Five Quickies for Suzanne and Roger” is an anthology of shorter stories featuring all of the characters from their popular South American mystery series of novels. In this novel-length collection, our private detectives solve cases in Montevideo, Uruguay; Fortaleza, Brazil; and Los Angeles, California in a novella, a novelette, and three short stories---five quickies. Three obvious murder victims, two additional dead bodies, and a mysterious dog add spice to these stories. The five stories give you five times as many chances to see if you can deduce whodunit before Roger and Suzanne do. Good luck.

Dating In The Dark: sometimes love just pretends to be blind

Jason is single and has been for all of his 32 years. It's depressing. But not as depressing as being told by his mother that he looks like Humpty Dumpty - after the accident. With a face that not even his own mother can love, it's hardly surprising that he'll try anything to get a woman to go out with him, even if it's only for a single date. With little interest in anything other than his quest for a woman and a nice bit of cod and chips, Jason needs to think outside the box if he's going to find someone who'll give him a chance. Along with Barry -- his best mate -- Jason comes up with the only thing he thinks will work: dating a blind woman. However, to do that, he needs to pretend he's blind himself, which is a lot harder than you might think ... especially when guide dogs are so hard to come by. Eventually Jason's efforts pay off and he meets Emma, a pretty professional with a host of friends. When he takes her out, they instantly hit it off. But will Jason be able to fool both Emma and her best friend Jerry into thinking he's blind? With everything to play for, Jason faces the biggest challenge of his life, and nobody -- especially not him -- can see how it'll all turn out.

The Protector Series Destined

Award-winning actress Taylor-Grace Davis has created a masterpiece with The Protector Series. Join us, if you dare, as the battle of Good vs Evil reaches epic proportions. Unknown to most, the power of Dark has sent in the Reavers, evil creatures that are determined to rule the world. Our only hope is with the Protectors, sent to us by the power of Light. Yet, we soon learn that the power of darkness is a formidable opponent and not easily defeated, even for those charged with protecting the good.
For eighteen-year-old Taylor Scott the confrontation hits close to home. After experiencing a recurring dream, that makes no sense to her, the young lady unknowingly follows a master plan, one that has been set in motion long before her birth. Yet, she falls in love with a mysterious young man that she knows nothing about. The forbidden romance soon heats up, and the steamy relationship must be controlled. However, that’s easier said than done for two young people with normal desires. But, it is critical for Taylor to refrain from acting on those feelings.
To further complicate matters, she learns that those evil beings are cunning and not easily detected. They too have a plan, and suddenly the mighty battle is on. Making it even more difficult, Taylor doesn’t want any part of this encounter; and now it’s up to the Protectors to keep her safe while she attempts to avoid her destiny.

Children's Book: Where Is My Home?

This fun children's picture book is about a boy with red hair and freckles named Terry, yet everybody calls him Terry Treetop because he loves climbing trees.
Terry is chasing a beautiful butterfly and wants to go back home.
But where is Terry's home?
And how can he find his way home?
Does the rabbit in the borrow know? Does the beaver in the lodge know?
Maybe the fawn's mother knows? Or can Susanne the squirrel help him?

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