Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today's Daily Dose of FREE Books!!!

I am one tired puppy!  I love being back in school, but it's tough!

Here are today's FREE books!

Have a happy evening!
Grab these while you can, the price at the time of posting is indeed FREE, but this can change at any moment.
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Happy Reading!


Over years, young girls are captured and kept in a macabre underground life-sized dollhouse. While searching for their missing friend, fifteen-year-old Cassie, Ethan and Lacey discover the strange dollhouse concealed beneath an abandoned mansion in the mountains. Now Cassie must figure a way to escape the dollhouse's dark clutches.
* Hidden rooms and terrifying secrets * A chilling shadow that stalks the corridors * Missing girls and clocks that spin backwards * A slow-burn nightmare, a world of supernatural darkness and strange secrets.
Six months ago, fifteen-year-old Cassie Claiborne reluctantly moved from her home in Florida with her social worker mom. In her new home--a remote, mountainous Australian town, Cassie meets new friends--Aisha Dumaj, Ethan McAllister and Lacey Dougherty.
For the first time, Cassie falls in love. The only problem is that the boy she falls for is her friend, Ethan--and he and Aisha are already an item. When Cassie goes on a school hike to Devils Hole with her new friends, she tries desperately to keep her feelings for Ethan secret.
Aisha disappears on the hike without a trace--with the police believing she was murdered.
When Cassie, Ethan and Lacey return to the mountains to search for Aisha--Cassie begins to realize she never really knew any of her friends. Everyone has their own secrets. She discovers the stranger lurking inside everyone she thought she knew.
The darkest secret of all waits beneath the old mansion in the mountains--a secret from which there is no escape....

The Enchantment of the Fairies: Blue

Jana is the daughter of the Prince of Moravia; she lives in a castle with her parents, her dog and with many servants. Her grandmother is a sorceress, who knows how to cast spells and prepare potions to cure all kind of diseases, but who is also a clairvoyant with the gift of prophesy, able to see the past, the present and the future.
Since very young, Jana learns to love magic by listening to her grandmother's stories and she has even learned a few spells, while witnessing her grandmother, performing her rituals for every season of the year. Unfortunately for Jana, her grandmother passes away while she is only 8 years old, leaving her with more questions than answers.
Jana wants to know more, she is in a quest for magic, a quest that will bring her to faraway places she never imagined, but luck is on her side, and destiny will take her to the places where she needs to go, and to meet the people that will guide her to reach her goal. However, it will not be easy, and Jana shall find many pains and difficulties along the way, because life is not a fairy tale, and even if it was, not all the fairy tales have a happy ending.
When Jana becomes nine years old, she is sent by her parents to Aachen, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, there, her adventure begins. At this place, she will discover more about the enigmatic religion of her grandmother, but she will also learn about life, love and destiny. She will learn that magic is all around us, hidden from normal eyes to see, however, magic is with us all the time, magic is real.

Killer Cupid

What happens when an assassin falls for a woman who is trying to kill herself?
The saga begins with an assassin in crisis...
David Lambrecht, aka Cupid, works for an international covert agency. He has a life of adventure, mystery, and accountability to only the most powerful in this world.
Unfortunately his past is catching up with him. His sanity -- and his life -- are at stake. In the midst of personal crisis, he must deal with a traitor who is selling government secrets and profiting from the international drug trade.
An unlikely "angel"...
Debbie Aldridge, a young artist, struggles in the isolation of an eating disorder amidst the extravagance of Beverly Hills. Her efforts to stand on her own, to succeed with her art, and to reach out to friends, are trampled by overbearing parents and by her addiction.
When her weak heart gives out, Debbie has a near death experience, a glimpse of heaven, and life changing words from her grandmother. She returns to life with a purpose. But she must find a woman called Cat.
And a prophet...
David's cousin Cat has visions of his peril -- and a white-haired girl with her hand on his heart. What will it take to save their lives?


Cole Haskins and Bunny Beaumont are crazy in love, which is sometimes good for their careers robbing banks, sometimes not. When even Cole’s lightning draw and Bunny’s steel-nerved driving doesn’t keep them from blowing a big heist in south Texas and have to split to Mexico to hide and heal up, they end up losing money on an armored car robbery that wrecks a town, but luck into an embezzler about to be killed by a bounty hunter. They save him—for a stiff price—but by the time they smuggle him back into the USA on the flying chopper built by two nutso biker/smugglers, things are getting way too loose. They end up in a hostage hole-up, then get chased to a cliff by the law like Thelma and Louise. And through all the hot-wheeling, lead-slingin’, and wheeler-dealin’ they never miss a chance to crack a joke or smooch each other silly.
A richly comic crime novel with a unique twist, it’s also a cock-eyed romance. You’re going to remember Bunny and Cole.

To Have

I step on the dark stage, the cheap plastic of my platforms cutting into the top of my toes, every step bringing a pinch of pain. I keep my eyes down, following the flecks of silver on the unforgiving stage, waiting, exhaling a breath in controlled anticipation, my abs tightening. Then, the lights come on and I have almost three minutes to forget.
Welcome to my life, a drained bank account and six nights a week spinning around a greasy strip club pole. When salvation comes in the form of six feet of drop-dead-gorgeous, complete with a limo and a thick wad of cash, my stilettos run happily out the door to freedom. They say that money doesn't buy happiness. But it does buy escape. Happiness is an overrated fairytale.

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