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Today's Daily Dose of FREE Books!!

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Today's books look awesome!! Go grab them while you can!  I know cursed is FREE today and tomorrow only.  The rest I am unsure how long. I only know that they are FREE at the time of posting.  Get them while you can!!

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The Enchantment of the Fairies: Red

Since the dawn of time, our ancestors discovered a path of light in the skies that seems to point directly to the end of the world, Cape Finisterre, in Spain. This path of stars is nothing else but our own Galaxy, the Milky Way. 
Christian and pagan pilgrims alike have followed this path in the search for the meaning of life. For many generations, Celtic pilgrims crossed Europe to reach the coast of Finisterre to worship the sun; this was the end of their journey. According to their beliefs, this place was the end of the world of the living, at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean was the world of the dead. This ancient pilgrimage is known as the Way of Saint James (El Camino de Santiago); and this is the story of one of its many pilgrims. 
Deep in the forest of the Ardennes, a twelve-year-old boy, named Philipp, lives happily with his mother and siblings. However, that year the winter had been exceptionally hard and long, his mother struggles to feed the family and fearing for the lives of her children, she sends Philipp to work as a servant at the house of a wealthy family; this is the beginning of his journey.
Leaving his small village behind, Philipp travels to Aachen, Capital of the Holy Roman Empire, at this place, he has a date with destiny; a totally unexpected story unfolds when the young man finds out the secrets of his origin, discovering among other things that his mother is not just a common farmer, but she was once a priestess of a mysterious cult.
From his humble beginnings, Philipp grows to become a mayor military figure at the court of Charlemagne; he embraces the way of life of his new home, championing Christianity wherever he goes. But destiny and love will teach him a lesson, that there is more in this world than your eyes can see and your hands can touch, and that behind every religion; Christian or pagan, the truth lies hidden.

The Citizen

What would you do if a stranger shared a secret with you? What if that secret could topple a government? And what if the government came looking for you?
Julian "Mac" MacGregor is an everyday Joe. He has an ex-wife and a mortgage. He coaches a softball team. But when a stranger sends an email detailing a cover-up of unbelievable proportions, Mac's life is turned upside down.
Framed for murder and hunted by a shadowy organization known as The Core, Mac embarks on a journey of survival to find the underground resistance which could hold the key to his salvation.
Framed against the backdrop of an America on the verge of losing its freedoms, and possibly its very identity, The Citizen is a novel pulled straight from today's headlines, including government cover-ups and global conspiracies.

The Lady Astronomer

Lucretia's life as an astronomer is quickly turned on its head by her eldest brother when he is commanded by the king to build the grandest telescope in the land. Her nights spent on rooftops gazing at the stars are replaced by adventure as the family move to be nearer the king. In a race to build the Forty-foot telescope on time, misfortunes take their toll. The lady astronomer finds court life to be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Can she find the strength inside to overcome the obstacles threatening her destiny? Only the stars will tell.
* * *
Special Note:
We are proud to publish our first novel from an author who lives outside of North America. Katy hails from Ireland. When reading this novel, please keep in mind that English is not spelled the same everywhere! Because she is from Ireland and her characters also dwell in Europe, we maintained her uses and spellings. Enjoy!


"Yet a long time ago there was a priest, a gun, and a vengeance that placed me here..."
In the late 1970s the Emerson Rose Asylum became completely abandoned - all the patients, doctors, staff vanished and were never seen again. The events circling this mass exodus have been one of the most baffling disappearances in history...until now. For hidden deep inside a tattered asylum mattress a stack of bundled letters were found. These letters, all addressed to the pseudonym Dr. Quill, and all written by the patients as they document the final days of the Emerson Rose Asylum.


Jack Downing has become one of the most influential business tycoons in the world. 
Jack Downing also believes that God has chosen him to annihilate the entire existence of human beings. 
Convinced that God has chosen him to be “The One”, the successful Jack Downing will set out to kill off all of mankind. As he begins to carry out the plan of extinction, and with only one year left to do so, Jack begins to write on how he became God’s chosen one. 
Written in a narrative form, “The Lunatic Memoirs”, is a novel that journeys deep into the detached reasoning of a psychopathic mind. Jack Downing illuminates how the mind’s line between that which is sane and insane can be truly very thin.

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