Monday, September 9, 2013

In Her Dreams - Feature

WARNING: Explicit Sexual Content not intended for younger readers!

In Her Dreams
Author- Misty Minx

Book Description-

Jane was happily married for 7 years to sexy, tall, handsome and charming Mark. 
One fine day, she wakes up all sweaty , reeling from her racy sex dream from the night before. 
Whom is she lusting for in her dreams and why? 
Will she ever give in to her crazy wild fantasies which threaten to shatter her marriage?

I was given this ebook for free for an honest review.
This is a short 30 page story about Jane.  She is having very explicit dreams about her trainer, who is not her husband I should add.  Jane has been married for seven years and by dreaming these dreams she is actually able to use them to "rekindle" her romance with her husband.

I found that the story really did move along, and that the sexier scenes weren't over the top but tastefully done.  
As mentioned in another review, that is usually hard to find.  

The story was well written and draws in the reader to see just how Jane will handle these dreams.

If you are looking for a  short but fun read, then this is it!


Jo said...

Thanks hun. I am thrilled you loved it. The book is up at #2 spot today :) Excited!

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