Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Andrew's Claim to Fame - Review

Are your children affected by TV and the internet?
Would they like to be famous as soon as possible?
Are they impatient about life in general (I want this and right now!)?
Are they unaware of their gifts?
Are they dreamers, but don’t have enough faith?

I have the solution for both you and your children, portrayed in a touching and great bedtime story. 

Just like in my second book (Noah’s Petting Zoo), I will teach your children:

* How to be patient
* How to be self-motivated
* How to help one's fellow man
* How to help the animals (cats and dogs)
* How to believe in yourself and to dream 
* Good deeds bring about good results in return

The story is with a simple rhyming text for children ages 3-8. 

Idan Hadari

I always wanted to write children's books, but I didn't have the courage, time or right frame of mind.
After I completed my first degree in Computer Engineering, I found myself creating children's software; teaching private lessons in all areas; and teaching children to swim, in both the first and second levels.
As a result of working with kids, the connection to writing a book for children was a natural progression and I found myself writing many different stories about almost everything, and always left them in the desk drawer.
When an idea pops into my head I ask these questions:
Will a child want to read this book?
Will a parent want to read this book to or with their child?
Would this book make a parent or a child feel something?
Is there something visual here that will hold the child's interest?
Will a child see things in a different way after reading the book?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then I know I'm on the right track.
This is my first book to be published in a Kindle version; I hope that I will publish many more children's books, in the same genre soon.
I read this with my son and he absolutely loved it!
The words flowed easily and it was a fairly short read.
For me as a parent, it was wonderful to have a book that dealt with an issue such as "popularity" and being famous.
With as many crazy celebrity personalities out and about, it's refreshing to see someone showing that you can in fact be recognized for doing what's good and what's right!
My son loved the colors and pictures as well, and he felt that the book was, in his words, "totally awesome"!

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