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Reggie & Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery

What would you do if you found out magic was real and Faeries existed beyond your vision but within your reach? Better yet, what if you had once been a part of their world without knowing it, and now they wanted you back?
On their thirteenth birthday, Reggie & Ryssa’s world is turned upside down. The twins find out that magic is real and Faeries co-exist with the human world. To top it all off, the Wilt is eating the barrier between the human world and the world of Faery. If the two worlds collide, both will be destroyed. Are Reggie & Ryssa the only ones who can save both worlds? Or are they the twins of Darkness and Light foretold by prophecy to bring the destruction of Faery?
Doom and gloom prophecies…
Disappearing Team members…
Dark magic attacks…
It’s an adventure-filled summer in the Award-Winning World of Faery!

Glenn G. Thater transports us to an age of high adventure where knights battle supernatural horrors, magic is real but hidden, and the line between good and evil is all too thin.
This introduction to the epic Harbinger of Doom series is certain to delight fantasy fans everywhere.

The Harbinger of Doom saga centers around one Lord Angle Theta, an enigmatic warrior of unknown origins and mystical power. No mortal man is his match in battle. No sorcery can contain or confound him. No scholar or sage can outwit him. But for all his skills, he is but one of us; a man, a human, who shares our faults, our dreams, and our ambitions. He boldly strides across the land, fearless, peerless, and cloaked in mystery; all his will bent on righting such wrongs as he deems fit.
Until the day the Gateway opened and turned the world on its head. On that fateful day, Korrgonn came and washed away our dreams. And his outre' realm of Nifleheim set its unholy mark upon our world and claimed it for their own. Only Theta and his companions see our end coming- the end of civilization, the end of the world of man. 
But no man, not even our greatest hero, can stand against the Lords of Nifleheim and the dark armies at their command. Fiends that infiltrate unseen within our ranks, that tear down our temples and our traditions; that devour us from within, unseen, unknown, unheralded, and unopposed until the hour grows far too late. One man pierces the veil of magic that blinds us all and marks the world as it truly is, revealing secrets, secrets of Angle Theta, so horrifying as to shatter a man's mind and call into question the very nature of good and evil.
When mad sorcerers open a gateway to the very pits of hell, releasing outre demons of darkest nightmare upon the world, only the intrepid knights of House Eotrus stand in their way. Claradon Eotrus takes up the mantle of his noble house to avenge his father and hold back the tide of chaos that threatens to engulf the world and destroy mankind. Claradon recruits Angle Theta and Gabriel Garn, mysterious knights of mystical power to stand with him. Theta and Garn take up their swords one last time against the coming darkness -- a darkness from which only one will emerge.

Triage: A Thriller

Not quite Jack Reacher…

But certainly tougher than Tom Cruise…
There is serious trouble brewing on the cracked streets of Newark, New Jersey, and Shell, a former killer-for-hire, finds himself at the deep center of it all. His complicated feelings for his ex, Nevada, are put to the test when she goes missing from a seedy motel. Dismissed as a drug deal gone bad, or a prostitution foul-up, the case is quickly set aside. Shell realizes he is Nevada's only champion and possible savior.
In the blink of an eye, he is traveling a path littered with shocking betrayals, brutal ambushes, and senseless murders. One moment he is ensnared in a Mob beef, and the next he is confronting an assortment of men linked to Nevada: a community activist with the comportment of a street thug, a possibly bent politician, an understated college professor, and a slick fire-and-brimstone preacher. At best, they are all very dangerous; at worse, at least one of them might be a murderer.

The Turning - Bound to Darkness

Apollo and Amaya Shelly are twins, living deep in the forest of Stockwood Washington and away from civilization. Raised by their father and under the protection of their leader, Maximiliano, Apollo and Amaya live what they consider a normal life with the Sanguis clan.
Three days before their 18th birthday, the twins discover that their “normal” existence is anything but normal: their father and the Sanguis clan are vampires. Worse yet, they learn that an agreement was made that would predestine them to become vampires on their special day.
In a chilling race against time, the twins uncover a secret that could destroy their lineage and alter their existence. Whether past or present, family or clan, the line between good and evil can easily blur. . . . . . Especially when they are bound to darkness

The Hero and the Fiend

Hero explores the nature of good and evil, and plumbs the depths of heroism and courage. Morzagast, Prince of Nifleheim, an immortal fiend of frightening power rampages across Lomion City on an insatiable quest for blood and souls. Stalwart soldiers, gallant knights, and grayed wizards cannot kill it or contain it. Yet a lone warrior, bound by duty, and girded with courage and cold steel, sacrifices all to bar its path. 

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