Sunday, August 4, 2013

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You Suck

Dunn Kelly hardly ever has a problem covering for his alcoholic father. As the only Special Populations detective on the police force, his dad's responsibilities usually consist of freeing zombies tangled in turnstiles, checking rabies tags on werewolves, and sweeping up vampires who oversleep when moon bathing. But when teen pop star Delilah Idaho sees a wrinkle on her forehead, Dunn's world is turned upside-down.
A television show is being filmed in his town- You Suck, a reality show in which vampires, from sparkly to old school, compete for the privilege of biting Delilah, keeping her young and beautiful forever. But a murderer is loose on the set and it's up to Dunn to save his father's job and solve the mystery. Oh, and his teacher is hitting on him, the football coach hates his guts, and he just might lose his spot on the swim team. Dunn's life, like the television show, sucks.

Just a Little Crazy

Wilhelmina “Willie” Bonham is a hard living dangerous woman. She won’t commit to a man, a pet, or even a potted plant. She’s a stunning force of nature that doles out her own version of justice, which includes taking down anyone that gets in her way. 
So when volatile Willie gets paramedic Jon Marchetti into her bed, Jon has no idea of the wild ride he’s about to get on. He blissfully ignores the warning signs and plunges headfirst into her world of crazy without a net or a safe word. 
She soon realizes he can give as well as he gets. 
Jon will be damned if he’ll let Willie kick him out of bed the next morning or ever.

Ciao, Bella: A Novel About Searching for Beauty and Finding Love

Isabelle Mackenzie always imagined herself married with kids. Instead, at 30, she’s chronically single and lives alone in a cramped condo on Chicago’s north side. Sure she’s got her beloved bookstore and her two best friends, Cameron and Oliver, but even they can’t make up for the fact that her life hasn’t turned out anything like she expected. The weighing disappointment has her questioning everything she once felt certain of, including her faith in God. So when Olly and Cam secretly volunteer her for a nationally-televised makeover, Mack decides to use the opportunity to reinvent herself. What follows is an unlikely romance
with famous actor Cooper Young, a cross-continental adventure, and the long-awaited chance to make all of her dreams come true. Will Mack be able to keep her faith amidst the glitz and glamour of Cooper’s lifestyle, or will she lose herself and abandon everything and everyone she cares about in the process? Ciao, Bella is the story of one woman’s unexpected revelations about faith, love, and true happiness. It’s a novel for all who have ever been granted the desires of their hearts only to discover that what they thought they wanted could never compare to what they already had.

56+ Marvelous Homemade Mixes

56+ Marvelous Homemade Mixes presents 56 different mixes, plus variations on many mixes,that can be made at home. 
Take control of your family's foods while keeping all of the convenience and speedy preparation we all love in our home kitchens by simply mixing these mixes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Whether you are the pioneering sort that loves doing it all yourself or the budget minded mother, there are recipes here to speed food preparation, as well as save your hard earned money.
Homemade mixes are good for the environment too, as far less packaging is used when you do it yourself. Making the mixes yourself means you have the option of using locally produced ingredients as well as homegrown ones.
Nothing is more appreciated as a gift than a homemade food gift too, and any of these mixes can be packaged into a thoughtful and tasty gift, ideal for hostess and holiday gifts.

Urban Necromancer

Sometimes the dead are too afraid to move on... 
Sometimes they don't make the journey to the other side... 
Sometimes spirits remain trapped here... 
For those who can afford her, Juliet Spiers acts as pest control for the spirits which get left behind. Due to a horrific past, death is a condition she has learned to master, and no one from the spirit world has been her equal. Until now...

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