Tuesday, July 23, 2013

De La Cruz Pinterest Grand Event Contests!!

De La Cruz Pinterest Grand Event Contests!!

Hey everyone! We have 3 AMAZING giveaway opportunities for you! 

The De La Cruz Saga Grand task & Grand package prize!

~~ De La Cruz Saga 25th Anniversary Pinterest Dream Contests!!~~

Task 1
*Make an account on Pinterest if you don't already have one.

*Then, create boards for your events, title them each either:
"De La Cruz Saga 25th Anniversary Dream Ball"
“De La Cruz Saga Dream Wedding”
“De La Cruz Saga Dream Honeymoon”

Inside each board, post a picture of: Your dream (BALL/WEDDING ATTIRE), (FOR THE BALL: A mask), Accessories! (shoes, wallet/purse, hair barrettes, tie, jewelry, etc.), Hairstyle, (your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, dream lover, cute guy/girl passing by!), Where your (BALL/HONEYMOON/WEDDING) is taking place! (a palace, your backyard, a field, magical land, etc.), Food & drinks, And anything else you can think of!!!
Its your dream, create it how you see it! Have fun!

Task 2- Post the links of the board(s) in the event.

BONUS EXTRA ENTRY!!! - Post a review of ANY De La Cruz Saga book on Amazon and post the link in the comments and you get a BONUS SECOND ENTRY!!!

The winners will be drawn during the end of the event and announced at the end by a SURPRISE GUEST!!!

You have from now till 5 minutes before the first Hostess begins her game in the event on the 27th to get your ball created and to purchase and review the book!
Thank you! Have fun!

Here are the PRIZE PACKS!

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