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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 14 Tell us your deal breakers.

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Day 14 Tell us your deal breakers.

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Deal breakers..... We all have them.   I have put today's posting off nearly all day thinking about what mine really are, and how they relate to blogging or books.  I only have a couple.
So I'm going to answer today's challenge like this;

What are my deal breakers in reading books?

- I can't read a book out of order of its series.
If you have written a series, and I am reading it, as in already started the series.... I will not go back and read a prequel. I just wont.  I am snarky like that.  I can't stand back tracking.  Even in movies, I HATE-HATE-HATE flashback on TV or in movies.  

- Terrible formatting
I can forgive and continue to read a book mostly unedited.  I can look over misspelled words, or misplaced punctuation, I can't read a book that has a run on paragraph or 15 lines of space in the middle of the sentence.  It ruins the continuity of the story and I loose my focus.  I'll stop reading your book, and probably message you about the offending boo boo.

That's it really.  I can trudge through a story I can't stand, I can read any genre you throw at me, but those two things will have me deleting a book from my Kindle or selling it at McKay's quicker than almost anything.

What are some of your deal breakers??
Happy Reading!

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