Saturday, July 20, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 13 Describe one under appreciated book EVERYONE should read.

You always see the photo and Instagram challenges and this is a really nifty take on that for book bloggers! 
If you click the link up there it will take you to the main page and you can see all the participating blogs. 

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Day 13 Describe one under appreciated book EVERYONE should read.

Are you thinking that I'm crazy?  The Princess Bride under appreciated? Yes, yes it is, and I'll tell you why!
You undoubtedly know the story....a beautiful farm girl and her farm boy meet an evil Prince and set out on adventure to find true love, meeting strange and endearing characters along the way.
I am sure you never made it out of the 80's without seeing the movie (which is my favorite movie by the way) and falling in love with every character.  How many times did you say this....

The reason this book has landed on my blog challenge today is this, you watched the movie- nearly no one read the book.  Oh yeah, well I did!  Well maybe you did too I don't know.  No one ever says I love that book! It's always ooohhh that's my favorite movie!
There is soooooooooooooo much more in the book.  
Get it on audiobook though, it's forever long, which may be why no one reads it.
It's fabulous.

Happy Reading!

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