Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review- Pulse by HJ Daly

Author HJ Daly

Goodreads description:

She looked into their non-existent faces and felt them smile in anticipation.

The light is fading fast and Esa must find shelter before the deviants come crawling out of the woodwork. From the moment she steps into the darkened room her life takes a terrifying turn and she is pulled away from her post apocalyptic world.

With a horde of goblins close on her heels, she enters a magical realm in search of answers. Why can she sense magic and why is a powerful sorcerer determined to end her life?

I will personally rate this 3.5 out of 5 stars

I was given this as an ebook by the author for an honest review.

The story takes place after a tragic even has drastically changed the face of the planet, and we learn that there are other realms around us that we never knew existed.
This story really has everything that you could want in a book.  You've got unrequited love, action, magic, fantasy, drama, temptation and redemption.  I soooo wanted to give it a higher rating because I absolutely LOVE the story that Daly weaves, but I just couldn't bring myself to raise it.

The character development was very extensive, and I found myself just absorbed into the lives of these characters!  
The book was a bit of a longer read at 34 chapters, but even that didn't push me away.

The down side; as I was reading I was constantly having to stop and backtrack due to the fact that at times there was no clear indication of who was talking, or why it had switched.
Another let down for me, is that I felt there were several locations in the book where I was slightly confused as to what was going on and then the situation was never explained. 

I still loved the book and would continue to read the series to see what happens to Esa and her misfit friends!

If you would like to purchase Pulse in ebook format it is available for $3.99


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the review, glad you liked it. I hope the next one is a little less confusing. :)

Dowie said...

I loved the story! I told my husband it has everything in it you could possibly want! lol
thank you for sharing it with me!

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